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About Us

This website is a initiative of Rege & Kadam Financial Services Private Limited to create awareness among public about importance of financial matters and increase their level of financial literacy.

Our company is the fast growing company engaged in the business of Wealth Management and Financial Planning. We are a registered company under the Indian Companies Act, 1952 and from last three years, we are successfully serving our clients. We have collaborated with CD Equisearch Group and are master franchise for western Maharashtra region. Currently we are offering diversified services to our customers through our dedicated unit M/s Synergy Incorporation

We are the people driven by Zen philosophy and our mission is to help our clients to prosper by imparting intelligent, accurate advice about all their financial planning which could lead to secure, and peaceful life. Our main focus is on small and micro investors. Every paisa of our client is valuable for us and we give our best to see it increases  manifold. 

We ensure that all the personal data of our clients is kept confidential. We also ensure that, we always remain transparent, responsive and honest in our dealings with our customers.     

If you are a person who wants to grow in ZEN way then you have struck to the right people. Please feel free to contact us by sending your details on or simply sending SMS on our mobile number. We are always there at your service.  

Statutory licence details : CIN- U67190PN2009PTC145910; AP Reg.No. NSE/AP0047017813; BSE/AP0100870142126