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How to live a Dignified life in today's world?

May 1, 2015

                       As we all are aware of the importance of money in our life, only few could spare time and energy in management of money. In India, barring a small community, there is widespread illiteracy in the area of financial management. The reasons are both histoical and behaviroul. In India, religious scriptures denounced prosperity and prefered poverty. Also the caste system, forced people to shut their minds and concentrate their life towards spiritual attainment. So, barring trading community, general masses are ignorant about the power of money and the its importance in individual's life to lead prosperous and enriched life. Apart from this historical reason, the certain habbits of the common man are also responsible for the large scale illiteracy in the public. Management of own's finance is very time consuming affair. To reap the benefits of various financial instruments, investor should be always attentive, opportunistic and dashing at the same time. However, layman may not posseses all those qualities and he prefers to be simply overlook the scientific management of money and simply falls in the trap laid by fraudesters. Globalisation has bought immense change in lifestyle of the modern day person. At the same time, integration of all national economies has made common man more and more vulnerable to the financial turmoils. in such condition, person is required to be more conscious about his needs and financial planning to fulfill those needs. But the fast pace of life is not allowing him/her to think much about it and end result is: he/she simply folds hands & leaves everything on fate........ 


                           But fate is not the excuse. As Lord Buddha has told, every human being has right to live with dignity. In modern days, anyone can live dignified life only when he/she is having sufficient amount of money earned from righteous and legal means. It is also important that, such hard earned money should be preserved for long time. As Virginia Woolf ( A Room of One's Own, 1929) had said,'One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.' So if person wants to be enjoy life, he/she should make sure that, he/she has made intelligent investment.

Some famous quotes about Money & Poverty:

  1. Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit~ Eli Khamarov, Lives of the Cognoscenti.
  2. Lack of money is the root of all evil~ George Bernard Shaw
  3. Poverty is restriction and as such, it is the greatest injustice you can perpetrate upon yourself~ Stuart Wilde
  4. When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is~ Oscar Wilde
  5. Money is human kind's greatest invention. Money doesn't discriminate. Money doesn't care whether a person is poor, whether a person comes from a good family, or what his skin color is. Anybody can make money~ Takafumi Horie

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